Are you our next full stack developer?

VSI Group is a Danish owned and managed company with HQ in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Our clients are mainly from Denmark but, we also have clients in Holland, Sweden, Singapore, China, Thailand and other countries.

The company was founded in 2010 and has developed from mainly web development, to a full scale agency, that produces web, content, video, online marketing, SEO and much more.

We are currently looking for a new full stack developer, to join our team in our office in Chiang Mai.

About you:

You are an independent worker who has your own creative ideas to each project you are involved in. You know how to organize, plan and implement a project from start to end.

You are a potential leader of a growing team and know how to take responsibility.

You think for your self. You become the customer and that way, explore the customers needs, so you can improve and develop the platform you are working on, on a daliy basis.

You don’t need supervision, you can motivate yourself, to work hard and effective everyday, and have the direct contact with the client.

About the case:

One of our clients in Denmark has asked us to redesign their website to be able to handle multiple languages and a lot of traffic. Currently the website has peak-traffic of about 70k hits per month, and up to 2k hits per minute when a new article goes online. Our customer wants to expand into other markets, so they expect even more traffic in the future, which the current implementation cannot handle.

There is no specific solution in mind at the moment, so we are not looking for any specific skills or stack. We expect that you, as a part as his application for the job, will give your suggestions for code language, CMS etc., that you think is the best solution, and why you think so.

The job:

You will be the sole developer on a rebuild of this website. Graphical design will be delivered by the client but you will have 100% responsibility to implement the design, test, migrate content etc.

Your English skills are very important, as you will communicate directly with the client. Of course you will have some help to handle any issues with communication, but the goal is for you to not need any.

You will be dedicated to this project, so you can expect to be able to focus 100%.

After the stack has been chosen, it will be you job to implement the solution on all levels, both server-side, i.e. database, and any language needed there, and front-end, i.e. HTML, CSS, javascript.

The site has many editors, all of whom must be able to add new articles, and easily add meta-information and open-graph information.

Because of the potential high load, it might be a good idea to do some automatic load-balancing/scale-ability, but that will be up to your implementation.

We expect:

  • Good English skills, both in writing and speaking
  • Understand the business case
  • Good HTML/CSS skills
  • Good Javascript skills
  • Expert in whatever server-side solution you propose
  • You can keep a deadline
  • Good communication skills
  • Independent worker

How to apply:

Send the following to us. All of it must be in English, as the application will be used to determine your English ability.

  • Make a document with your suggestion solution with a short description on how and in which code language you would build this website.
  • Your CV and resume
  • Your portfolio
  • Your university degree
  • Some recommendations

Send it all to

Additional info:

  • Salary: 40-60.000,- baht pr. month
  • Contract: 12 month, with possibility of extension
  • Working hours: Monday – Friday, from 09-18.00
  • Nationality: All are welcome, for non-thai, work permit will be provided
  • We are looking to hire as soon as possible, but will wait for the correct person

Send your application to now!